Agoric: Quick overview

In this article I am going to make a quick overview of one of the most anticipating projects projects based on Cosmos SDK called Agoric.

Project description

Consensus algorithm

Cross-chain operability

Technology Stack

Electronic Rights Transfer Protocol (ERTP)

ERTP brings two kind of assets to Agoric chain: fungible and non-fungible.

Fungible assets are interchangeable. They can be compared with 10 ETH on your Ethereum wallet — you can easily send 1 ETH to someone, and it doesn’t matter which of the initial 10 coins you used to send.

Non-fungible assets have the same brand but are not interchangeable. For example, there are 100 unique football-player cards, and they are actually the same, but in case the card number matches the player number in real life it might cost much more than the other ones.


Zoe also makes easier the life of developers. You now do not need to worry about your users might lose their assets in your smart-contract due to a small bug. Also, it will be easy to start using Zoe for smart contracts as it is similar to the popular language JavaScript.


Written by medium#7343

Blockchain validator, Testnets participant