Creating Validator in Agoric Incentivized Testnet

Wallet creation

ag-cosmos-helper keys add <your-key-name>
ag-cosmos-helper keys list

Getting tokens

!faucet delegate agoric1...
Faucet request example
ag-cosmos-helper query bank balances `ag-cosmos-helper keys show -a <your-key-name>`

Validator creation transaction

ag-chain-cosmos tendermint show-validator
ag-cosmos-helper tx staking create-validator \
--amount=50000000uagstake \
--broadcast-mode=block \
--pubkey=<your-agoricvalconspub1-key> \
--moniker=<your-node-name> \
--website=<your-node-website> \
--details=<your-node-details> \
--commission-rate="0.10" \
--commission-max-rate="0.20" \
--commission-max-change-rate="0.01" \
--min-self-delegation="1" \
--from=<your-key-name> \
--chain-id=$chainName \
--gas=auto \
  • <your-agoricvalconspub1-key-> is your validator public key (the output of the previous transaction)
  • <your-node-name> is the name of your node which will be displayed publicly in the Explorer
  • <your-node-website> and <your-node-details> are not required to be filled, you can just skip these lines. You normally want to fill them if you are a well-known organization
  • <your-key-name> is the name of your key created on Wallet creation step
My validator page in the Explorer

Optionally: Connecting with Keybase account

ag-cosmos-helper tx staking edit-validator --gas auto -y \
--chain-id agorictest-7 \
--from <your-key-name> \
--moniker <your_moniker> \



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